In early October 2009 I took a short trip to Beijing for a meeting. On one of our days there we got a quick tour of the city from two students who live there. We didn't have enough time to see a lot, but with the help of our guides, we got to see the Olympic Park and Tianmen Square. Here are a few photos from that day.

Part of the Bird's Nest stadium, with the Water Cube in the background.

Some of the modern, and I'm sure not very cheap, apartment buildings near the stadiums. They all have giant TVs on the outside, Vegas style.

Inside the Bird's Nest.

The Water Cube.

Christina and me, in front of, uhh, spherical gardens, of course.

It was the national holiday period in China, so a lot of people were walking around with flags, like this girl.

Also because of the holiday, Tiananmen Square and the Forbidden Palace were packed with about a million people.

In the square, there were floats from the big parade they had had, one for each of China's provinces.

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