On 2 February Tom and I left Dome C on a Twin Otter with 4 other people. We flew to the fuel depot half way between Dome C and McMurdo, where we refueled and picked up two people who were dropped off there a few hours earlier by the same plane. We then continued on to McMurdo, where Tom and I left the flight, which continued to Terra Nova.

    We spent 2 days in McMurdo getting our cargo that was returning by ship ready to go. This was an interesting time on the station because the resupply ship that comes once a year arrived the first night we were there. Most normal station activities stop while the ship is at port so that they can get it unloaded and ready to leave as quickly as possible. People's shifts change to accommodate a 24-hour offload schedule, and the store and bars even stop selling all alcohol in hopes of making people more productive (I'm skeptical that this tactic is effective, but it certainly changes the character of the station).


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