As with the trip to South Pole, getting to Dome C begins with the long commercial flights to beautiful Christchurch, New Zealand. I left for NZ on 31 December 2004 and arrived in Christchurch on 2 January 2005; because of crossing the date line I actually missed the new year.

    I was scheduled to leave for McMurdo Station on 5 January, but the flight didn't go that day because of bad weather in McMurdo. On 6 January we crowded onto the plane and took off at 8:00 AM. Five hours later we landed back at Christchurch because the weather had gotten bad at McMurdo again. Each morning from 7 to 11 January we were to show up for the flight at 5:00 AM, and each morning they called around 3:30 AM to say there was another 24-hour weather delay. Finally, on 12 January we left around 3:00 PM and got to McMurdo around 8:00 PM.

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