Some other South Pole and Antarctic sites that may be of interest:

My Fellow Winterovers
John and Jen Bird, LIDAR Tech and Dining Attendant
Their photos from Pole, including one of dome from above, on a kite.
Andrea Grant, Aurora Science Tech/SPARCLE Groupie
Photos and 'weekly' journal entries.
Marc Hellwig, AMANDA Tech
Station photos with interactive panorama of dome.
Dana Hrubes, CUSP Science Tech
Photos and journals from South Pole and North Pole.
Charlie Kaminski, CARA Tech
Photos and information from this winter and his previous winter (1999).
Jeff Kietzmann, Communications Tech
Photos and stories from Pole and many other parts of the world.
Dean Klein, Computer Tech
Photos from Pole and from his winter at Palmer.
Chris Martin, AST/RO Tech
Photos and newsletters from our year and a previous summer.
Steffen Richter, AMANDA Tech
Photos and info about his two winters and a video of the medevac.
Nathan Tift, Meteorologist
Photos and journals from throughout the year
Mike Town, Fellow SPARCLE Tech
Interesting photos and information about our winter; an unusual view.

Antarctic Stations' Home Pages
McMurdo Station (US) South Pole (US)
Available when satellites are up, about 12 hrs a day.
Casey Station (Australia) Davis Station (Australia)
Mawson Station (Australia) Macquarie Island (Australia)
Commonwealth Bay (Australia) Heard Island (Australia)

Antarctic Government Sites
Argentine Antarctic Institute Australian Antarctic Division
Antarctic Institute of Chile Belgian Scientific Research Programme on the Antarctic
British Antarctic Survey Canadian Polar Commission
French Polar Institute Italian National Antarctic Research Program
Japanese Antarctic Research Expeditions New Zealand Antarctic Institute
Russian Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute South African National Antarctic Programme
Sweedish Polar Research Secretariat United States Antarctic Program
United States Coast Guard, Polar Operations NASA Antarctic Site
NOAA South Pole Observatory Uruguayan Antarctic Institute

Other Antarctic Sites
Bill Spindler's extensive site about South Pole
Bill was winter manager in 1977.

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