Amundsen Scott South Pole Station is run by the National Science Foundation for the purpose of supporting scientific research. Currently the main parts of the station, some housing, the galley, medical clinic, library/lounge, store and other important buildings, are housed underneath a large aluminum dome. The dome is not heated, but it blocks the wind and drifting snow. About half of the dome is now buried under snow, and if it is left in place it will eventually become completely buried. The original station, built in the late 1950s is no longer used, and is completely under the snow. There is currently a large construction project under way to build a new station that will consist of numerous connected buildings elevated on stilts to reduce drifting. In addition to the dome there are many other buildings outside, a lot of buildings for summer housing, and some for winter housing, as well as several science buildings. Here are some general pictures of the station.  
      Since I left South Pole, progress has continued on the new station, and the buildings under the dome are slowly being removed.  

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