After the long weekend in Longyearbyen, before heading back to the Fram Strait, we went to free a tourist boat, the Noorderlicht from the ice in a nearby fjord. The boat's owners had frozen it in in the beginning of the winter so they could be there as a stop for tourists on snowmobiles. Just a couple days before we broke up the ice in the fjord, many of us had ridden across the ice on snowmobiles on the way to Pyramiden.

In the first two photos you can see the boat as we are approaching it. It is through the center window in the second photo, just to the right of the wiper.



  The view behind us as we approached the boat.


  Some closer views of Noorderlicht.




  Some snowmobilers on the fjord, not far from the ship.


  Breaking the ice close to the boat without damaging it seemed tricky and took an hour or so. After it was free we made our way back to the open water at a low enough speed that the boat could stay close behind us.





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