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[Mountains from Dempster Hwy]
Ogilvie Mountains from the Dempster Highway, north of Dawson, YT, 3 July 1999.

This page contains links to many of the pictures I have taken over the past years. They are organized by trips and location. Each link below will take you to a page with thumbnails for browsing; you can click on the thumbnails to see a full-size version. Some of the pages also contain maps to illustrate where the pictures were taken. Enjoy!

Photos from the summer I lived in Fairbanks, Alaska
Except for "Fairbanks Area," each of these is for a different road trip.
Valdez, Anchorage and Mountains Denali Park
Chicken, Dawson and Inuvik The Brooks Range
Fairbanks Area  
South Pole (and travels before and after) 2001 Dome C (and New Zealand before and after) January, 2005
Other Locations
Aurora Borealis from Connecticut Hill Northern Quebec, James Bay
Yukon and Northwest Territories, March 2002 Death Valley
Central British Columia Beijing April 2005
Northern British Columbia, July 2005 Australia, March 2006
Russia, spring 2007 Beijing, October 2009
Russia, Easter 2010 Death Valley June 2010
Porto April 2011 Tromsø, Jan 2008 to ???

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