From 16 April to 1 June I was on a trip on the Norwegian Coast Guard ship KV Svalbard. We left from Tromsų and sailed northwest to the Fram Strait, between Greenland and Svalbard, where we worked for almost three weeks before going to Longyearbyen, Svalbard, for a long weekend. After the break in Svalbard, we headed back to the Fram Strait for another three weeks before returning to Tromsų.

A map of our route; click for a larger version

There were about 20 scientists on board from three general fields: oceanography, biology, and sea-ice physics. I was part of the sea ice team, and took part in measurements of ice thickness, temperature, and salinity, and of the optical properties of the ice, that is how much sunlight the ice and snow reflect away from the surface and transmit into the ocean.


The trip north

Ice breaking

Drift station work

Helicopter stations

Some bears

Ski race and BBQ

Snowmobile trip

Freeing Noorderlicht

The ship

An afternoon walk

The ice

17th of May

Close encounter with bear

Open Ship

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